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Marketing Content Hub 2.10

Thu, Apr 19

We look forward to informing you on all of the new features and improvements that accompany Marketing Content Hub 2.10.

Create powerful integrations solutions in Marketing Content Hub with Microsoft Azure Logic Apps.

Integrate Marketing Content Hub via Azure Logic Apps to your business-critical apps without writing a single line of code.

During the webinar, we will demonstrate the integration of Marketing Content Hub with Microsoft OneDrive for a file upload scenario. Afterwards, we will show an integration that allows to publish a campaign from Marketing Content Hub on facebook.

Digital Asset Management in Marketing Content Hub

Digital asset management has been at the core of Marketing Content Hub since the early days. And seeing that reviewing the basics is never a bad thing, we’re excited to host an exclusive webinar session dedicated to the DAM module in Marketing Content Hub.

Designed for challenging digital asset management scenarios, Marketing Content Hub has plenty to offer when it comes to storing, managing and distributing digital marketing assets.

Marketing Resource Management in Marketing Content Hub

Much more than just a set of project management tools, Marketing Content Hub offers marketing teams a structured and streamlined process to master their operations. Maximise the module’s collaboration tools to steer teams towards their targets, including browser-based annotation and validation.

Learn to properly streamline your marketing content planning, production and publication by joining us on February 22nd.


Product Information Management in Marketing Content Hub

Are you staying on top of your product content?

Seamlessly integrate existing product data from master data platforms with new marketing content to media files and create one single version of the truth. Learn to utilize full support of multiple brands, complex product ranges, lifecycle and localization as we give you the full tour of PIM in Marketing Content Hub.

See you on the 1st of March!

Digital Rights Management in Marketing Content Hub

Keep track of rights and match intended use with what you’ve licensed.

Marketing Content Hub has made a priority of security. Where regular DAM platforms keep security to a basic level, securing download/upload permissions for users. DRM in Marketing Content Hub goes beyond that, adding specific Rights Profiles and keeping locations & campaigns in mind.

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