Product Information Management (PIM) in Marketing Content Hub

January 2017

Product Information Management (PIM) in Marketing Content Hub

What can you expect?

We will discuss how to integrate upstream product and SKU master data sources, such as ERP, MDM or PLM systems with new product content and combine it with collaborative content creation, lifecycle management and localization, all within Marketing Content Hub.

Not only is it an effective way for users to learn how Marketing Content Hub assists in all things PIM, the webinar highlights relevant features from the 2.6 update as well.

Make sure you’re on top of your Product Information Management. This session covers all important aspects of Marketing Content Hub’s creative, collaborative and management tools, for both novice and seasoned users.

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Marketing Content Hub Update 2.6

December 2016

Marketing Content Hub Update 2.6

Marketing Content Hub is one of the most powerful and user-friendly enterprise content marketing tools currently available. It aggregates and stores all your marketing assets, including product and campaign content, making it easy to create, enrich, share, re-use and publish content quickly and cost-effectively.

That’s why Marketing Content Hub has been adopted by leading global organisations including Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Victoria's Secret and many more!

What can you expect?

The upcoming webinar gives you a detailed tour of the new features in the Marketing Content Hub 2.6 update. If you're a user, it's the best way to learn how to get the most out of this latest version.

With OCR, distributed upload, relevancy sorting and a range of brand new management tools, this webinar is definitely a must-attend!

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The Marketing Content Hub by Stylelabs: Exclusive ⓜ Full Demo webinar

Thu, Oct, 2016 2016

When you ambitiously run any sort of business, managing your marketing efforts becomes something to think about sooner or later. Not only do terms the likes of Digital Asset Management, Product Content Management and Creative Collaboration sound confusing, they also make you think there are things you’re doing wrong or not even doing at all.

Efficiently managing each aspect of your own marketing machine can be tricky, especially at first. Even companies already possessing a well-functioning marketing department often encounter problems, losing oversight in the amount of assets for example. Besides this, spending too much time and effort communicating, organizing and transferring marketing date internally is far from the way it should be.

Luckily, all of the above can easily be avoided. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

About us

We are Stylelabs, a software and integration company dedicated to providing its customers with one of the most powerful and user-friendly enterprise content marketing tools currently available: the Marketing Content Hub. For the past 10 years, we have been aiding leading brands, media, retailers and agency networks with our enterprise marketing technology, with Microsoft, E&J Gallo Winery, Procter & Gamble and Victoria's Secret to name some.

Our headquarters is located in Brussels and with several offices in the US (New York, Philadelphia), as well as Poland and India, we are able to provide our clients with 24/7 support. With the Marketing Content Hub as our tech flagship, we continue to strive towards sharing our knowledge and technology.

ⓜ Marketing Content Hub

ⓜ is more than just another handy marketing platform. It provides tools to facilitate the entire marketing content life cycle by aggregating existing content, supporting the creation of new content, making content available for search & download, and supporting the publication to different channels. Creating, enriching, sharing, re-using and publishing content has never this easy, quick and cost-effectively.

Besides this, ⓜ supports various tools to improve project workflow by allowing users to share their work, assign tasks, set up projects and establish project planning. We even provide our clients with the possibility to leverage consolidated content in automated document layout for both print and digital media, allowing them to generate document on the fly.

In short, ⓜ is designed to offload a lot of duties currently clogging up the marketing system by making it easier for everyone to share content, work, projects and much more. Why waste valuable time traveling between OneDrive, external databases, mailboxes and USB sticks when everyone can participate in one central hub?

Experience it for yourself

To make sure everyone gets a chance at experiencing ⓜ for themselves, Stylelabs is launching an exclusive webinar free to attend. We will walk you through a full and fascinating online demo of our breakthrough application, including the latest features and functionalities. Instead of the hassle of having to plan a showing of our demo at your office, you can join the session from wherever you are at that moment. After all, convenience and easy access is what ⓜ is all about!

You will get a real understanding of all tools and processes including Digital Asset Management, Product Content Management, Project Management & Workflow, Work in Progress & Collaboration, Marketing Portal, Channel publishing, and Web to Print & Automated Layout. 

Discover the full power of the ⓜ Marketing Content Hub by signing up to this Full Demo, 90-minute webinar.

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wCMS Portal upgrade for more advanced administration

August 2016

Perform advanced M Portal configuration using new UI admin tooling.

M Portal, the built-in wCMS module of the Marketing Content Hub, allows you to set up a dedicated portal in your Marketing Content Hub. This makes it easy to create your own branded, responsive UI and editorial to engage your marketers, product managers, sales and agencies.

M Portal upgrade for advanced autonomy

M Portal has now been upgraded so that administrators can perform deep portal configuration that could previously only be performed using scripts. For example, as an administrator you will now be able to setup a new controlled vocabulary in the system, configuring it as a facet on the search page and making it appear on the asset detail page.

Ever evolving Marketing Content Hub

This upgrade makes it easier than ever to manage all your company’s marketing content with the Marketing Content Hub.

This 40-minute webinar is your chance to find out more about this upgrade to M Portal. During the webinar you will learn how to configure your details page and search page from within M Portal.

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ⓜ Content: A single version of truth for your marketing assets

June 2016

Organize and integrate all your marketing resources

All too often, particularly in very large global organizations, marketing assets are not properly shared. This leads to duplication and unnecessary expense as one area of the business produces materials that have already been created by another area.

ⓜ Content, the repository module of ⓜ Marketing Content Hub, solves this problem by acting as the single version of truth for all your company’s marketing assets. It makes assets easy to view and easy to share within a domain model that facilitates integration with other systems.

ⓜ Content has already been successfully deployed by leading global organizations including Microsoft.

Valuable ⓜ Content webinar: find out more

The ⓜ Content webinar is your chance to find out more about how ⓜ Content aggregates and stores all the marketing assets you produce: product and user data, campaign materials, files and file metadata etc.

Join us in this 30-minute webinar and discover one of the most powerful and user-friendly enterprise content marketing tools currently available. Click here to watch the webinar

Machine Learning and Digital Asset Management

May 2016

Haven't you always dreamed that your DAM would do the tedious job of adding metadata all by itself? Are you jealous of the control and insight your colleagues in eCommerce are boasting?

Auto classify your assets. Auto detect subjects and human faces in images in your DAM. Including face, landmarks, pose, gender and age.

Integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to detect text in an image and extract the recognised characters into metadata to enable searching. Enrich your DAM with Recommendations and Predictive Analytics.

In this session at the DAM New York Conference 2016 by Tom De Ridder, CTO & Co-Founder STYLELABS, we look at how machine learning in ⓜ Marketing Content Hub brings all of this within reach of DAM.

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Create your own branded, responsive UIs & content with ⓜ Portal

April 2016

Do you know that ⓜ Marketing Content Hub comes with a built-in wCMS? The ⓜ Portal module allows you to set up a dedicated portal in your Marketing Content Hub. And wCMS capability makes it easy to create your own branded, responsive UI and editorial to engage your marketers, product managers, sales and agencies - such as different branded UI’s to accommodate brands or retail customers, push new sales supporting materials to your filed reps homepages etc.

Add editorial content and context to your Marketing Content Hub, such as guidelines, FAQ or best practices and set up a dialogue with your marketing community.

This 30 min webinar features a live demo of ⓜ Portal and covers functionalities like using widgets for professional-looking pages, communicate effectively via the Marketing Portal and manage your own branded & responsive UI.

Whichever you prefer, ⓜ Portal provides an easy to follow framework for the branded and responsive UX.

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ⓜ Marketing Content Hub
presents ⓜ Project

March 2016

ⓜ project is the creative project management, work in progress and collaboration module in ⓜ marketing content hub. It makes it easier to do a better job by streamlining your collaboration on creative work and content and by adding structure, tools and overview to your marketing operations.

Managing marketing content is great, but a lot of value can be added by structuring the processes around the production.

ⓜ project empowers your project managers with tools to define, focus and streamline the creation, re-use, localization and publication of marketing content and adds content and productivity tools to your marketing teams.

This 60 min webinar features a live demo of ⓜ project and covers functionalities like planning and organizing campaigns, task management, reviewing, keeping track of versions and approvals, stage-gate workflows and dashboards but also browser-based annotation & validation, comment and rate, and many more.

All in an easy and dummy proof way.

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ⓜ Marketing Content Hub
presents ⓜ Print

February 2016

ⓜ print is the Web to Print module in ⓜ marketing content hub and provides users with tools to automate the creation of template-based printed collateral such as product specification sheets, browser based layouts like flyers, folders or posters.

This 30 min webinar features a live demo of ⓜ print and covers functionalities like selecting templates, changing text and images and exporting your creations in high resolution. All in an easy and dummy proof way.

Allowing users to self service will save time and money, by avoiding costs from internal services or external agencies and still create collateral that is perfectly on-brand.

Created pieces can even be subject to a review process or creative coaching.

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ⓜ Marketing Content Hub
The full demo

June 2015

ⓜ Marketing Content Hub covers the specific and diverse needs of marketing content management and the use cases to aggregate, enrich, create, re-use and publish all types of marketing content.

This webinar covers a full online demo of our software including features like Digital Asset Management, Product Content Management, Project Management & Workflow, Work in progress & Collaboration, Marketing Portal, Channel publishing and Web to print & Automated layout.

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