True enterprise marketing technology

The marketing content hub presents a fresh, new approach to enterprise marketing technology. Both from a conceptual and technology point of view, the marketing content hub has been rethought and rebuilt from the ground up.

As a marketing technologies supplier with over 10 years of enterprise experience, we have been lucky enough to watch and learn. Our approach to the marketing content hub is new, but benefits from this expertise and experience. The architecture, technology stack and even code base has been rebuilt from scratch for version 2.0. By software architects, not acquisitions.


Scalability and global distribution options come together in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) architecture that leverages a smart combo of modern technology and cloud. We support conventional on premise, but if you’re looking for an easy and powerful way to get hassle free enterprise elasticity, we can provide this through our privileged partnership with Microsoft Azure as well.


Connecting with upstream systems to aggregate data and publish to downstream systems is one of the core features of the Marketing Content Hub. ⓜ supports this through a configurable domain model, a Richardson Maturity Level 3 Hypermedia API, pub/sub message bus and the capability to transform data and files into any required format.


The value of a Marketing Content Hub is closely related to user adoption and the ability to provide users with a go to platform that empowers them to be productive. We believe a mobile first, access everywhere approach is key. ⓜ has a fully responsive, HTML5 based UX that is good looking and snappy on top.

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