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Stylelabs and Sitecore Content Hub foster a network of technology and service partners to help us deliver value to our customers.

partners - Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Meeting the need for a solid, open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure provides over 600 services, ranging from virtual machines to LaaS and PaaS functionalities. Azure supports a broad selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. All this while remaining scalable and integrating with existing IT environments through the largest network of secure, private connections, hybrid databases and storage solutions. In short: fueling Sitecore Content Hub to the full extent.


CHILI Publisher

CHILI Publisher is an online editing solution and layout tool, designed to make digital publishing easier, more efficient and more intuitive. Maintaining an adaptable and open architecture, it’s the ideal partner to meet Sitecore Content Hub’s high demands when it comes to brand guidelines, templates and matching the publisher’s API with highly ambitious DAM systems we provide clients with. Able of handling both documents and external data from DAM or XML feeds, as well as uploading Google or Excel spreadsheets, CHILI Publisher holds all the cards needed to generate value.


partners - CHILI Publish
partners - ICP


ICP is a global team of marketing technology and production experts who believe in adding value at every stage of the creation, reuse, protection, management and delivery of assets helping global brands through Digital Asset Management user adoption challenges to complex digital transformation initiatives. From project implementation to business as usual, they embrace a people-first approach working alongside existing teams to ensure and maximize user adoption. Using their experience across industry sectors, they partner with their clients to provide a strategic perspective and ultimately achieve ROI.


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