Product Information Management

Stay on top of your product content

Seamlessly integrate existing product data from master data platforms with new marketing content to media files and create one single version of the truth. Support of multiple brands, complex product ranges, lifecycle and localization makes this the perfect tool for all your product information management needs.

Aggregate content

With the vision of a hub, Sitecore Content Hub provides the tools to easily integrate with upstream product master data sources, such as ERP, MDM or PLM systems. Sitecore Content Hub aggregates data from upstream systems. It allows you to enrich with marketing data and media, and present downstream systems with a single source of truth.

Product content collaboration

Allow marketing, commerce and product managers to enrich product data with commercial descriptions, USP’s, media and more.

Pilot content can be translated and localized. Content creation and transformation on products is fully supported by the project management and creative collaboration features in MRM.

Existing content can be fed back into new content creation processes as part of the briefing. Sitecore Content Hub’s automated layout capabilities can even create layouts such as product spec sheets on the fly.

Manage content lifecycle

Manage all your content in one place. Product content lifecycle, including embargo dates on confidential materials, product launch dates per market, channel or retailer and much more. Manage and drive business rules for user access and publication rules.

Search, view, select & download

Content is easily accessible to users for review or download and use in other processes such as sending a download package off to a retail partner or agency for catalog production. All of the search, view, select and download features in the DAM solution apply to other content types as well.


Product content and media can be published to channels, including websites, ecommerce, social media, CRM or third-party content aggregators or retail partner platforms. Marketing Content Hub’s Hypermedia RESTful API, pub/sub and public file capabilities provide the building blocks for easy and elegant integrations with any downstream system.

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