Marketing Resource Management

Streamline marketing content planning, production and publication

Plan your marketing calendar and organize your content production with a structured and streamlined process. Allow your project managers to master their operations through stage-gate workflows and dashboards and steer teams towards their targets with collaboration tools including browser-based annotation and validation. In short: allow Sitecore Content Hub to see to all of your marketing resource management needs!


Plan campaigns on the marketing calendar. Use metadata to accommodate complex schedules that span channels, markets and brands. Plan and structure production work with activities. Use collaboration and proofing tools to develop budgets, campaign briefings and strategic blueprints.

Project management

Use workflows to structure and support content and creative production work. Then follow up and report on progress. Build a project from scratch with chained and parallel activities, briefing and deliverables or use a pre-existing template. Send out tasks and follow up on progress.

Creative collaboration

Collaborate on content and expressions with productivity tools that include structured briefings, file sharing, online proofing, InDesign integration and more. Streamline collaboration between internal and external teams leveraging browser based workflows, mobile and the power of the cloud.

Smart content production

Create content first, expressions and channel localizations after. Streamline your creative efforts around existing and shared content that can be leveraged across channels. Facilitate large and complex production jobs, including campaigns that span brands, markets and languages. Collaborate between marketers, product managers, copywriters, agency of record, translation agencies and production agencies as one streamlined team across the globe and live up to the promise of solid marketing resource management.


Enhance your marketing resource management by getting the right content to the right channels at the right time. Offer content to webmasters or third parties as it becomes available or publish and refresh automatically through integration with e-commerce, CRM and social media, to name a few.

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