Digital Rights Management

Keep track of rights and match intended use with what you’ve licensed

Rights profiles and the option to add contracts allow you to organize large sets of assets with sophisticated rules. If you don’t have the rights, there is a workflow to support the process of acquiring additional rights.

The correct use of DRM in DAM benefits in:
  • respect rights, get ROI on what you’ve paid for, and procure additional rights where necessary
  • avoiding litigation risk and compliance issues
  • leverage the company’s back catalog with proper rights documented (very important for media and entertainment customers)
  • make the difference between your content being usable or not.
How it works in Sitecore Content Hub
  • Every marketing asset can be associated with one or more Rights Profiles
  • Rights Profiles are line items that define what you license, e.g. media, geography, period or other restrictions
  • Sophisticated use cases, such as for composite assets including moving images, are supported by combining or intersecting Rights Profiles
  • Multiple rights Profiles can be combined into a Contract, for better manageability
  • The combined Rights Profiles can drive security, search criteria upfront, or checks against intended use before download.
  • Rights Profiles are adapted as part of the workflow where users request and procure extensions. This makes the latest information immediately available for other users.

Most noteworthy, the goal is to speed up the production cycle, reduce overhead costs and mitigate compliance risk at the same time.


More functionalities are
  • Managing contracts and rights
  • Live filter of allowed assets for a certain intended use
  • Auto-approve licensed content when the correct intended use is provided
  • Have a workflow in place with additional manual approval or extension requests
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