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Kickstart your career! Opportunities for students and recent graduates at Stylelabs.

Why Stylelabs?

At Stylelabs, we are passionate about elevating fresh minds to higher levels by exposing them to our exciting world of innovative technology stacks and a designated workgroup for guidance.
Because our diverse and multicultural teams consist of both youthful potentials and seasoned professionals, we aim at providing the perfect atmosphere for students to learn, grow and develop their abilities. Since we are growing rapidly, we are always on the lookout for talented team members.

Ready, Set, Grow

Students and young professionals describe their work at Stylelabs as challenging and rewarding. They appreciate the opportunity to learn beyond the textbook and gain hands-on experience. Students are proud of the work they do, as they are able to see the impact it has on the growth of the organization.

Work hard, Play hard

Our ‘work hard, play hard’ principles also applies on our interns/students and young professionals, they enjoy taking part in various events, such as company-wide meetings, tech sessions, leisure activities and other social activities. Students are encouraged to incorporate their interests and ideas as part of these events.

Big impact

From operations to engineering, there are big challenges yet to be solved at Stylelabs. Because we care more about curiosity than experience, you’ll work on projects that directly impact our customers, business, and employees.

Complete autonomy

Transparency is at the heart of our Stylelabs culture. You’ll have access to all the resources and information you need to take ownership and make key decisions.

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