Empower your marketing teams with content and productivity tools. Preview and annotate graphical files in a browser, comment and rate, keep track of versions and approvals.

ⓜ makes it easier to do a better job by adding structure, tools and overview to your marketing operations.


Preview images, layouts and other content types in your browser without the need for client software or plugins. Facilitate access to high resolution, large file size or proprietary file formats for all team members.


Graphically annotate images and layouts. Highlight text quotes and make corrections or comments. Clearly indicate suggestions and changes right on the preview to shorten turn around times and avoid mistakes.


Allow team members to formally approve or reject contributions including artwork, layouts, business documents and product content. Add nuance to approvals through likes, starred rating and blending approval with comments.


Allow team members to continue working offline. ⓜ integrates with leading cloud services including Microsoft OneDrive for a seamless integration between your marketing collaboration tools and corporate standards.


Not all of your stakeholders are focused on your projects all of the time. Eliminate bottlenecks by reaching team members that are busy or traveling through mobile devices with the same information and ease of use as if they were at their desks.

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