Managing marketing content is great, but a lot of value can be added by structuring the processes around the production

ⓜ empowers your project managers and teams with tools to define, focus and streamline the creation, re-use, localization and publication of marketing content.


Build any hierarchical structure you need to reflect the way you organize your business. Organize work from high level programs over campaigns, all the way to practical careers and individual tasks.


Within every level, structure the flow of your process by introducing milestones. The project manager as the central driver is supported with insight through dashboards, task management and a full audit trail.


Configure projects by point and click and then save them as templates. Pull templates that reflect the organizations best practices and adapt them in flight to the requirements of a specific project or situation.


Keep track of individual events, versions and decisions with a full audit trail. Build reporting that provides control and insight into your operations. Secure and document compliance with regulatory requirements.


Build dashboards to monitor progress with KPI’s that address the focus of the operational team, management and leadership. Turn operational tools into management insights and input that drives decision making in the boardroom.

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