Some of your marketing content does not fit the form of structured content, such as guidelines and strategic positioning.

ⓜ allows you to add pages with editorial content and context to the structured content in your DAM and PCM. On top of this, it is a great channel to set up a dialogue with the community of marketers, agencies, retail partners and everyone who is using your brand and creating expressions.


Accomodate your brand guidelines in an online channel that is more interactive and flexible than printed media or electronic documents. Bring guidance around how to use your brand closer to the building blocks such as logos, templates and artwork.


Take your marketing communication to a next level by setting up a dialogue with your marketing community of strategic and operational marketers, brand and product managers, agencies and retail partners.


ⓜ provides the framework to build on a portal site that is responsive with a mobile first approach. Manage your sitemap and content through user friendly administration tools without having to worry about devices.


Leverage security to manage public information such as practical guidelines with more confidential content such as strategic briefings in one portal. Allow internal team members, agencies and retail partners direct but controlled access.


Integrate with your organization’s existing single sign on system to minimize user management overhead. Leverage the options for hybrid setups to allow access to approved external users.

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