Between a UX that is simple and intuitive and an engine that is powerful and sophisticated - ⓜ provides everything you need to roll out an enterprise grade digital asset management system,


Upload files with drag-and-drop, create data and add metadata on the fly. Review submitted content for approval in the waiting room. Control the lifecycle of your assets from upload to archival.


Define sophisticated metadata and taxonomy schemes to accurately describe and classify your assets. Manage file versions and composite assets. Get productive by editing assets in batches.


Preview search results in context. Preview images, videos, layouts and other file types right in your browser. Visualize metadata and data and navigate through related content. Inspect the contents of zip files and composite assets.


Add assets to your selection and perform batch operations like edit, download or delete. Save and organize collections and share with other users.


Direct download original files, previews and pre defined renditions. Order your selection and generate renditions on the fly using presets or custom options for size, file formats and color spaces. Distribute safe public download links to external agencies.

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