Some of your assets are not just files that you can download.

When assets become tangible, ⓜ allows users to order, personalize or make reservations. Tap in to the power of ⓜ and integrate with 3rd parties to set up a complete supply chain.


Typical tangibles include merchandise, such as pens or gadgets, or point of sales materials. Leverage all of the tools that ⓜ has to offer for searching, previewing and documenting specifications.


Add an option to the order processing process to calculate quantity and pricing. Integrate with online payment services or with your financial back office to handle intra company cost allocation or invoicing.


Combine brand store with web to print capabilities and allow users to select a template for posters, displays or other formats and customize them with logos, images and text. Set up a flow with your supplier, and have them printed and delivered to their doorstep.


Allow suppliers and fulfilment partners to access and integrate for outsourced logistics such as inventory management, price updates and the follow up of orders, reservations and delivery.


Integrate the self-service option with guidance, best practices and coaching to make sure that your users are getting the most value out of the tools. Don’t just stay on brand and save cost, also maximize impact.

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