The saying, “it takes one to know one” couldn’t ring more true at Stylelabs. Starting out as an online production agency, the team at Stylelabs has experienced the trials and tribulations of a marketing team many times.

A background in online project production, expertise in the technical side of marketing, and an understanding of what makes marketers tick all came together to create Stylelabs’ Marketing Content Hub. Having come a long way from the back office days of trial and error, today’s team at Stylelabs is helping marketers to make magic happen. Started in 2001, founders Tim Pashuysen and Tom de Ridder had been working in marketing for years as technical production partners for advertising agencies and saw the struggles faced by marketing teams when it came to end-to-end campaign visibility, flexibility and the ability of disparate teams to successfully collaborate on projects.

Something Missing for Marketers

Born in a basement, like most good ideas usually are, Stylelabs came out of the frustration with the digital marketing platforms that were available, or the lack thereof. The founders realized that building a dependable digital Marketing solution was actually achievable with their years of experience not only working closely with the technical side of things, but also with marketing teams. Aiming to fill that gaping hole for marketers in the digital era, Stylelabs continued to gain knowledge by offering back office digital asset management programs while building a team of valuable experts on subjects such as Cloud deployment, software development and digital asset management. A once generally chaotic process in respect to other business aspects such as production, finance or sales, the team at Stylelabs saw the need for marketing to have an integrated and dedicated platform as well. So, in 2014, Stylelabs’ first software, Marketing Content Hub was released. With the development of Marketing Content Hub, Stylelabs is able to provide a Cloud-based, SaaS solution that helps enterprises streamline their marketing strategies while also providing data reports to help make decisions regarding those strategies. It also makes project development and deployment a more streamlined process.

Filling the Gap with Useful Applications

As a SaaS offering, Marketing Content Hub works for global enterprises and SMBs as well. Scalable, subscription based and easier to onboard, offering Marketing Content Hub as a Service allows marketing teams around the world to benefit from the service regardless of company size. Offering applications such as Digital Asset Management and Marketing Portal, Marketing Resource Management, Product Information Management, Digital Rights Management and Web to Print, the Marketing Content Hub software covers all the bases.

Why Stylelabs and Marketing Content Hub?

It is the goal of the team at Stylelabs together with the Marketing Content Hub software to encompass all aspects of marketing. With the experience of people and the power of an integrated and dedicated Marketing platform, Stylelabs aims to make the process of content creation and utilization rewarding for businesses. With the ability of Marketing Content Hub to show marketing teams where their strategies are successful, the software adds great value to companies in today’s digital and Cloud-powered world. If connecting the dots between all the aspects of a successful Marketing strategy isn’t as easy as it should and could be, Stylelabs can help.

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