Artificial Intelligence, commonly understood as a collection of intelligent technologies, has become increasingly pervasive across a multitude of businesses. According to Business Insider, more than half of marketers (51%) are currently using AI-powered platforms in managing their businesses, with an additional 27% expected to join the lot by 2019. The rapid expansion can be explained by the numerous benefits these smart technologies are bringing to businesses and the role they’re now playing in maintaining a competitive edge.

Considering the huge opportunity for technological growth, Stylelabs has not missed the AI wave and has been one of the first DAM platforms to continuously incorporate Artificial Intelligence in the core functionalities of their system. Marketing Content Hub is racing towards a new era where it is leading with intelligence, guided by predictive robust services, and growing smarter with automated machine learning.

We are presenting a webinar on the 13th of September 2018 to further explain the next big changes in Marketing Content Hub concerning AI and Machine Learning integration in the platform. The webinar will mainly cover some of the AI-enabled capabilities of Marketing Content Hub, including the integrated smart vision services, the smart chatbot and the integration of machine learning.

The integrated smart vision services help Marketing Content Hub glean more insights from the data-rich media like photos and videos. Smart features like automated asset tagging, image analysis, and smart image cropping are made possible thanks to an accurate detection of objects, faces, colours, scene composition and even emotion.

On the other hand, the smart chatbot is a new way of providing an automated self-service solution to handle customer support issues with ease and intelligence. Connected to our rich knowledge base, this tool can detect what a user is trying to achieve, and then direct them towards the specific section of our documentation that handles their issue. Both these tools are underlain by an integrated Machine Learning system that allows them to learn and even be trained by our users, so as to grow smarter and more aware of their needs.

Register for the webinar here.

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