In a great new report, Forrester analysts Mark Grannan with Martin GillNick Barber and Benjamin Arnold shed light on how content optimization should be integrated in your content creation, development and delivery processes alike.

“Determining which technologies and teams should be responsible for content optimization is confusing. The best practice is to think about image optimization during all three phases: creation, development, and delivery. Addressing image-related performance issues in all three areas will complement each phase and reinforce optimization by creating a safety net. To build this safety net, AD&D professionals must embrace three key technology categories (see Figure)”

When it comes to technology capabilities, using AI is one of the tools that can help with content optimization:

“AI-infused DAM for creation and organization. Digital asset management (DAM) supports both upstream creative and downstream delivery processes. In addition to features like content creation workflows, DAM supports on-the-fly rendering of images and videos, allowing users and systems like web content management to access various versions of an image. Some DAM solutions, like those from Adobe, Aprimo, and Stylelabs, use AI to automatically detect focal point and crop for a given device, rendering desktop or mobile images without cropping out the main subject.”

Why this report is a must-read for application development & delivery professionals

Consumers have an appetite for rich media, and the amount of content out there is exploding in an attempt to satisfy them. Unfortunately, the bandwidth available to your creative team is static and insufficient to support the creation of a myriad of options. Making matters worse, consumers lose patience when experiences are slow to render or play. Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals need to understand when and how to optimize rich media to create digital experiences that will enable their creative counterparts and delight customers.

Read more in the April 2018 Forrester “Deliver The Right Rich Media Every Time” report (access requires subscription or purchase) where Stylelabs is cited among DAM solutions that “use AI to automatically detect focal point and crop for a given device.”

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