Stylelabs is cited in the latest Ten Core Accredited Vendors report by the Codified DAM Consultant. The report focuses on 10 core criteria to determine the value of various software vendors and creates an accurate comparison of all vendors involved.

The Codified Consultant is an automated metric-based application and toolkit that aggregates DAM product, services and consultancy knowledge in one place. It limits itself to the DAM ecosystem, recognising DAM technology as the foundation stone of today’s digital strategies. Technologies relevant to DAM are also covered but only in so much as they need to interoperate with DAM to realise distinct use cases.

Why is this report a must-read?

The Codified Consultant uses Ten Core scoring and ranking data and provides a thorough fact driven drill down on DAM vendors and their solutions/systems. It uses the DAM Maturity Model to assess your start point and taking you on a journey from point A (no idea what I need, where I am or how to find out) to point B (I know what I want and I know where to go to get it). The best DAM for you will depend on what you want to do with it.

The Codified Consultant uses the Ten Core Functionalities of DAM as a strategy and then takes you ‘Beyond Core’ for your workflows. It helps you assess, plan, purchase, implement, and govern DAM technologies and activities in a straightforward, cost-effective and efficient manner- and according to your specific use cases.

Read more in the Stylelabs – Marketing Content Hub DAM Vendor Report by IQ Equity (access requires purchase). Enter the code STYLELABS in the discount code box at checkout to receive a 20% discount on all reports and products.

Some samples:

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