Retail sales are up 6 percent year-over-year according to the National Retail Federation and online and other non-store sales are up 10.5 percent. With these impressive stats, the continued growth of online shopping is easily observed. [1]

Whether your storefront is bricks and mortar or bits and bytes, the ability to effectively manage digital information, share marketing messages, and deliver information to customers are table stakes to being competitive in today’s marketplace.

Simply getting to market is no longer enough. In 2018 both brand and product must be omnipresent across channels and customer touchpoints. Consumer expectations for a speedy, compelling, secure and informative experience are all part of the journey from feeding initial curiosity to completing a purchase and providing aftercare. Today’s competitive advantage is delivering an excellent customer experience, one rooted in ensuring an accelerated and accurate flow of digital content.

A new era

As the original Marketing Content Hub, Stylelabs understands that the evolution of marketing and digital is often manifested in blurred lines between capabilities including marketing, IT, R&D and product development. We’ve moved into an era where it’s possible to have several capabilities all interacting at once utilizing the same data model. We believe that the advantage of a single model reduces “institutional friction.” This can be anything from working between systems, making sure data is properly updated, to uncovering silos of valuable information that could create a richer customer experience.

There are financial benefits to consider too. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of systems that serve multiple business functions is smart business. Fewer applications reduce the overall technical footprint, decreases maintenance and infrastructure costs and delivers capabilities at a lower price point. Moreover, users operating within a common user interface find it easier to achieve operational tasks without the burden of switching between applications or learning individual pieces of software.

We at Stylelabs are passionate about simplicity and believe that extensive entity modeling ensures that data and settings created once become immediately available throughout the system. Robust system architecture promises the solution is maintainable without the need for ongoing integrator assistance. Ultimately, an elegantly architected platform can serve multiple use cases within a relatively small footprint and is built around real-world use cases that ensure an early return on investment.

The digital landscape is an increasingly complex one. We are working to simplify as much of it as we can to make sure your message is delivered on time and heard accurately.

[1] National Retail Federation

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