Stylelabs, the leading Belgian/US software company and maker of Marketing Content Hub, which combines DAM, PIM, and MRM into a single cloud-native platform, has recently welcomed John Tigh and Neil Grant to support the expansion of its US operations.

Two weeks ago, Stylelabs announced the addition of sales gurus Sal Hakimi and Matt Corodimas to its sales division. Now it’s for Neil Grant and John Tigh – both longtime industry veterans – to join Stylelabs as Product Expert and Product Evangelist, respectively. Key aspects of their work will be to deliver pre-sales support and thought leadership and bolster the commercial success of Marketing Content Hub, the most innovative and user-friendly content marketing tool on the market.

“John and Neil are key hires who will help advance the market position of Stylelabs,” says Dagbert Sansen, CCO at Stylelabs. “We are thrilled with their joining as both have deep technical knowledge and experience. Together, they will augment our ability to envision and architect compelling solutions for our clients that fully leverage the power and potential of Stylelabs. Both are highly regarded speakers and thought leaders in the industry who create a compelling vision of the future, while delivering on the details.”

“Marketing Content Hub is hands-down one of the most elegant platforms I’ve had the pleasure to work with and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to be part of an innovative team and help shape its future,” said Tigh. “Being able to manage product data and marketing content on a single platform will help companies accelerate responsiveness to their customers and reduce the overall burdens of managing — and funding — multiple systems. This alone makes Stylelabs a tremendous value and opportunity for our customers.”

“Stylelabs have truly mastered the omnichannel utopia that we have all spoken of for so long. Supporting the omnichannel experience with a single platform is essential to success as consumers become more and more demanding about where and how they interact with your brand. Stylelabs have created a solution around real-world use cases ensuring an early return on investment while maintaining an architecture that allows the solution to scale and serve globally with a relatively small footprint. I am excited to show clients a true solution which meets their needs.”


“Marketing Content Hub is hands-down one of the most elegant platforms I’ve had the pleasure to work with and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to be part of an innovative team and help shape its future” – John Tigh – Product Evangelist at Stylelabs


Accelerating Stylelabs’ growth

This expansion will give an additional boost to Stylelabs’ market footprint. The company expects to add additional multinational companies to its current client portfolio in 2018. Companies who have already chosen Stylelabs as their partner for its worldwide Marketing Content Hub ™ platform include leading Global 500 world players such as Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, The Coca-Cola Company, Diageo, Bristol-Myers Squibb, General Mills, Viacom, NEST, E&J Gallo Wineries, Victoria’s Secret and Vista Outdoor.

About Stylelabs

Stylelabs is a software company with 15 years of experience in the development of enterprise marketing technology for world brands, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, media, retail, and agencies. The company was founded in 2001 by Tim Pashuysen (CSO) and Tom De Ridder (CTO).

Stylelabs’ operates globally with offices in the US and Europe and a global user base.

Marketing Content Hub™ , the innovative Stylelabs platform for DAM, MRM, Web to print, PIM, Marketing portal and DRM, is a high-end SaaS offering that enables large companies to collate, organise and publish their marketing content, across a whole range of channels, including websites, e-commerce, and social media.

Marketing Content Hub™ enables data to be enriched, edited, evaluated and used in worldwide marketing campaigns. Everything is centralized in an easy-to-use marketing portal, giving internal and external stakeholders an invaluable tool for communicating faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

More information: contact Ben Paindavin, VP Public Relations,

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