Thu, December 14, 2017

11 AM EST  •  8 AM PST  •  5 PM CET


The release of the next Marketing Content Hub is almost here and, again, we look forward to informing you on all of the new features and improvements that accompany Marketing Content Hub 2.9.

Click the link below to make your attendance official, or keep reading to find out which features make up the core improvements of Marketing Content Hub 2.9!

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Media Processing Manager

The Media Processing Manager now allows you to define any rendition from within the UI. Change the width, height, resolution of all renditions as you go!

Using this new feature, users can now configure renditions via the admin section of Marketing Content Hub, with options available to decide on a specific rendition aligned with its intended use.



Configuration import/export

No better way of working than in an environment that’s entirely your own.

The new Import/Export feature lets you transfer any configuration from one environment to another, allowing any change done in QA environments to be imported in product environments.



Improved Task creation & workspace UI

The process of creating Tasks becomes much quicker in Marketing Content Hub 2.9, thanks to the ‘@’ support. Simply type @ combined with the name of the user you’d like to assign a task to and the system will auto-populate possible users according to your search.

We also made the UI lighter and easier on the eyes, enabling users to browse more effectively.



Collections: Mark II

Marketing Content Hub 2.8 already improved the use of collections, and 2.9 wants to make it even more of a collaborative effort.

This time it’s all about enabling users to do more. While maintaining advanced security measures, users can now allow others to view, edit, and perform other various actions on their collections.


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