Keeping in line with the Stylelabs webinar tradition, the upcoming release of a Marketing Content Hub update means a chance to get the ins and outs of the latest version. Live from Stylelabs headquarters.

Join us online to learn what this update can do for your own Marketing Content Hub!


Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Marketing Content Hub now comes with full Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities. Digital Rights Management allows you to keep track of rights, match intended use with what you’ve licensed. Rights profiles and the option to add contracts allow you to organize large sets of assets with sophisticated rules. If you don’t have the rights, there is a workflow to support the process of acquiring additional rights.

CHILI Publish Integration

We added out-of-the-box integration with CHILI Publisher, including support for structured content and business rules. Web to print allows end users to make real-time changes to print templates, right from their browsers. Swap visual elements, change a tagline, or select an entirely different product or branding.

InDesign Connector

With this brand new connector, you can drag-and-drop images straight from Marketing Content Hub into your InDesign document. By providing a live link to the original asset, users can work simultaneously on images and layouts and easily update to include the final artwork at the end.

Collaborative collections

Collections just became better. Collections are a great way to share content with others. By making collections collaborative, you can now share the management of your collections with others.

Entity rating

Do you prefer quality over quantity? Show your appreciation for your favorite assets by assigning them a rating for other users to see. Assets considered great additions to the collection will be among the first to turn up in search results!

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