At this year’s Henry Stewart DAM conference in Los Angeles, California (November 17-18), Stylelabs will be hard to miss. Besides Stylelabs serving as a sponsor of this prestigious event, both of our founders will be making an appearance to share their extensive knowledge of DAM with the rest of the international community.

Henry Stewart DAM 2016

The 14th LA edition of Henry Stewart DAM promises to be a memorable installment. Not only is the field of DAM an ever-changing one at a fast pace, it will also be playing host to an impressive international group of professionals from various fields and industries.

These industries (ranging from manufacturing to film and b2b) have sent their best DAM-experts with Nick Felder (Coca-Cola), Sharon Dovas (Pixar Entertainment) and Vipul Patel (Disney) to name just a few. They are joined by Stylelabs’ own Tom De Ridder and Tim Pashuysen, adding their expertise to the conference.

Tom De Ridder (CTO) is in charge of the strategic and technology roadmap at Stylelabs. At Henry Stewart DAM 2016, he will be hosting a TECHLAB session titled ‘Machine Learning and Digital Asset Management’ and discuss how machine learning in the Marketing Content Hub makes DAM add metadata by itself. Auto-classifying assets, auto-detecting subjects in images, integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and enriching one’s own DAM with Recommendations and Predictive Analytics will form the keystones of his expertise showcase in Los Angeles.

Tim Pashuysen (CSO) is in charge of Stylelabs’ strategy machine and remains primarily focused on business value and user experience at all times. At this year’s LA conference, he will be a part of a panel of DAM vendors discussing the topic of how DAM can evolve in an ever-more complex environment. How can DAM leadership find new sources for ideas and manage the changing touch points where DAM integrates with other systems? All panelists will also be highlighting a use case describing key integrations over the past year and discuss the future.

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