The marketing content hub

ⓜ the marketing content hub
All of your marketing content in one place

The marketing content hub is an enterprise software solution that provides marketers with a 360° interaction on all of their content, processes and digital assets. It makes it easier for your marketing operations to do a better job by adding structure, tools and overview. The marketing content hub allows you to realize tangible benefits in cost, time to market and quality

Brings content together

The marketing content hub can store any type of marketing content. It can also aggregate content from other platforms such as ERP or Campaign management, Product Information Management (PIM) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) silos.

360° interaction
on all of your
marketing content

The marketing content hub allows you to manage your digital assets like files, text, data and metadata from different platforms in one consolidated, user friendly interface, specifically aimed at the marketing community.

project management and collaboration tools

Support content creation with tools that empower your marketing teams. With the marketing content hub you streamline processes and provide overview and insight in what is going on.

Set up a
dialogue with your
marketing community

Build a marketing portal with the marketing content hub and add editorial content and context. Engage your marketers, product managers, sales and agencies.

omni channel

Provide a true omni channel experience for your customers. Manage your master content, define your channel filtering, localize and facilitate distribution and transformation — all in the platform of the marketing content hub.

document layout

Leverage consolidated content in automated document layout for both print and digital media. The marketing content hub can generate collateral such as specification sheets or catalogs and other documents on the fly.

Empower your marketing teams
with content and productivity tools

The marketing content hub integrates and blends the boundaries between traditional silos with a holistic approach tailored to the needs of the marketing community.


Marketing content creation and management made fun and easy

The marketing content hub makes it easier to do a better job by adding structure, tools and overview to your marketing operations. 

Learn how we can help you build a better marketing process.


Real marketing operations ROI delivered

The marketing content hub allows you to realise tangible benefits in cost, time to market and quality. 

Learn how we focus on four strategic goals to get there.


A fresh approach to enterprise software

We believe in a product architecture designed by software architects, not acquisitions.

Take a look at how we have redefined enterprise marketing technology.


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Operational excellence
for your marketing organization

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In this webinar we would like to outline the context and challenges that led us to come up with the Marketing Content Hub.