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STYLELABS is a software development and delivery company focused on marketing technologies.

We have over 10 years of experience and expertise working with international leading brands, media, retailers and agency networks.

We operate from our headquarters in Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium and Sales office in New York to service our international clients throughout Europe and the US.

Company culture & values

We are personal

As a specialized marketing technologies software vendor, we still have the feel of an independent boutique company where your effort and skills can be recognized and make a real difference. 

However, STYLELABS is growing at a steady pace and we're constantly looking for new talent, both on the outside but also internally. 

If you know your job and can demonstrate the commitment to match, we have a career for you where you can grow along with us. The mobility of talent is an important element in how we add value to our company.

We are professional

Our work is in software development, and project implementations, so a few ups and downs in the volume of work we have underway are to be expected – it’s just the normal heartbeat of the company. 

But we do like to organize our work in a way that allows you to focus on delivering quality. We know that good code or analysis work can only be done in the right circumstances.

We have demanding clients

Our clients are leaders in their own industries. They are used to top-level services and products. 

We are invited to participate in their business because we have innovative and high quality products and services to offer them. And demanding clients keep us on our toes.

We operate globally

We enjoy operating across the globe for clients that are also global. We have our Headquarters in Brussels, right in the hearth of the European community, and a sales office in Manhattan to reflect our commitment to the North American market. 

Being global enables us to be in touch with different cultures, different approaches and lots of different, interesting people. We also enjoy it because we like to keep things exciting for you.

We are diverse

Just as our clients are diverse, we embrace diversity in our staff as well. 

We believe diversity is an asset that allows us to look at things from different angles and come up with smarter solutions for our clients.

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